1. How do you manage your garden tools?

Never let your tools get wet. Let them dry completely before storing to prevent rust and rot treatment. Every gardening season, rub flaxseed oil into your wooden handles to help preserve them. After each use, wipe the metal parts of the pruner and pruning shears with an oil-soaked rag.

2. What is the most useful garden tool for mowing and clearing?

Using a rake is really the best way to clear leaves, rocks, twigs and other obstructions from your lawn before planting. When you’re done clearing the ground, a rake will help break up the soil and level the bed. You can find a variety of rakes, with different sizes! Buy whichever you need!

3. Why is tool safety important?
Guaranteed to be safe when used correctly
This includes any safety guards, physical barriers and personal protective equipment. Using the wrong tool for the job is a surefire way to injure, damage the tool, and possibly ruin whatever you’re working on.
4. How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

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5. Can you return the item?

All of our products are refunded within 30 days, with our return policy. Click Here

6. Who is my shipping provider?

We use 3 shipping providers: FedEx, UPS and USPS.

7. Where do we deliver?

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